Find Out the Secret to a Clean Home

Find Out the Secret to a Clean Home

Read about our professional maid service in the Loveland, CO area

You don't have to spend all day cleaning to make your home look as polished as the homes of your friends. It doesn't take more cleaning products to mirror the houses you see online. Lavender Cleaning Service, LLC has the key.

You can rely on our maid service in Loveland, CO and surrounding areas. You can schedule services weekly, biweekly or as needed with our house cleaning company.

Our team will always:

  • Ensure your home is spotless
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Clean your home on time, every time

Plus, we can provide additional home cleaning services. Call 720-891-2488 right away for a free estimate on our maid service and more.

Get the details on our other cleaning services

You can also turn to our house cleaning company for specialized cleaning. We can handle deep cleaning, spring cleaning, move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning with ease. No cleaning project is too big or small for our team, so reach out to us to arrange for cleaning services now.